Cricket Spectacle to Help Spur the Bangladesh Economy

Topics: International Cricket Council, Cricket World Cup, India national cricket team Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Cricket spectacle to help spur the Bangladesh economy
India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are co-hosting one of the biggest spectacles of the world- ICC Cricket World Cup, 2011. There is indeed a thrilling atmosphere going on, in these three countries, but this thrilling moment adds an enormous sensation in Bangladesh as it is going to be the host for such a mega event for the first time ever in the history.

Question is what we look from this event. Is this just like a sporting event that should be organised with perfection only, or we try to capitalise this event to add a dimension in our country that would help us place ourselves in far better position? Undeniably such a mega event like the world cup crocket can make a significant impact on local economy and could also have a positive effect in society, which beyond any doubt Bangladesh needs to pursue. We simply cannot let this moments go away; this is the moment through which we can exalt our overall image and can surely elevate country's economy.

A successful organisation of the world cup would mean a lot to Bangladesh and it would give it a great exposure.

The Bangladesh economy, through this mega event, would have a positive impact and the organisers need to make sure that they do not lose this opportunity. Enhancing the name value of the region should be a major incentive for localities hosting either World Cup games or training camps. Through this world cup, we would be able to reroute global tourist flows and would be able to establish new places as tourist destinations. For those people who would be in Bangladesh to watch the world cup matches, our goal would be to show the potentialities of our countries to them. There would be many investors from around the globe here during this event and if we could have a proper exposition of our country, they would be more than happy to come back here with their businesses in Bangladesh.

We must see this world cup cricket as a worthwhile endeavour for...
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