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By | September 2010
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Sir John Frederick Neville Cardus CBE (3 April 1888 – 28 February 1975) was an English writer and critic, best known for his writing on music and cricket. For many years, he wrote for The Manchester Guardian. He was untrained in music, and his style of criticism was subjective, romantic and personal, in contrast with his critical contemporary Ernest Newman. Before becoming a cricket writer he had been a cricket coach at a boys' school. His writing about the game was innovative; turning what had previously been in general a purely factual form into vivid description. This essay is a perfect example of his innovative work. In the essay “cricket” Neville cardus has given the real picture about gentleman’s game “THE CRICKET”. Neville cardus has perfectly penned about the game in all the seasons right from its beginning in spring till its end in August. This is how cricket was played in the early periods, depending upon various seasons. Thus, this is an example of his realistic writing skill through he has conquered millions of hearts throughout the world. We could see many references made to great cricket players and cricket matches by which, we can understand his in-depth knowledge about this game and his passion towards it. Cricket is really a slow game but the way cardus has expressed it is beautiful, even a blind man could figure out the reactions of the crowd watching cricket from this essay because cardus has excellently pointed out crowd’s reactions towards cricket. The author has used some examples in this essay to make the reader understand about the curiosity in this game. From the example of Knight we can see how important cricket to players is, cricket means much to players. The lines which impressed me is those in which he relates English language with the game “Where the English language is unspoken there can be no real cricket, which is to say that American have never excelled at the game” this is very correct because countries where English didn’t...

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