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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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00 Unit 3 Assignment
Supporting Children
E1 - Identify FIVE (5) pieces of current legislation (5) Jenny, Maureen and Sam List five different pieces of legislation that are relevant to influencing the way we work with children in a childcare setting – you must give the full title and date for each one. E2 – Describe how each piece of legislation will influence working practices in the setting (5) Jenny, Maureen and Sam For each of the five pieces of legislation you have stated in E1 you must describe how they influence the way we work with children, link to policies and procedures that will be in place that you must follow – what do you do? E3 – Describe how the policies and procedures will help safeguard children (5). Sam Consider the different ways you help to safeguard the children – keep them from harm and danger. What policies are in place to minimise cross infection, maintain security, prevent accidents, and what procedures do you follow to ensure these are in place? E4 – Describe how the policies and procedures promote fair, just and inclusive strategies (5) Jenny What policies and procedures are in place to ensure the setting is inclusive as well as fair and just too all children and families? Why is it important to have an inclusion policy in place and how will it benefit children, families and the setting? E5 – Describe two (2) strategies which the setting may use to empower children to develop independence and self-reliance (5) Therese Write about 2 different ways you can empower children in the setting to develop independence and self-reliance. Consider activities that can help develop self-help skills, how do you promote opportunities for children to make choices? D2 – Asses the effectiveness of the strategies which empower children to develop independence and self-reliance (10) Therese Develop from E5 and consider the strategies you have...
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