Crevecoeur Ap Essay

Topics: Europe, United States, Oppression Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: November 1, 2010
America is a place where all cultures of the world, mostly European, unite to create a society in which anybody can prosper. In Letters from an American Farmer Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur commends this welcoming society full of diverse European ethnicities with repetition, large lists, and contrasting diction because of its freedom from European superiority.

Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur with negative diction and extensive lists creates an image of an unwelcoming culture of Europe. America’s unity of cultures and people makes it a land of hope for people unlike Europe. Crevecoeur explains through questions that Europe does not provide for its people, but rather treats them unfairly. “Can that [wretch] call England or any other kingdom his country?” is an example of a rhetorical question Crevecoeur utilizes. He answers with lists which state how European life is utterly difficult because “frowns of the rich [and] the severity of the laws.” Europe is a land so divided by statuses, it cannot consider itself a united country, as Crevecoeur states. The division between rich and poor is so great that each country cannot provide for its people, making the ones not being provide not think of the country as its home. The simile Crevecoeur uses to describe the oppression on the people states “they were as so many useless plants” and they “were moved down by want, hunger, and war.” Through this simile Michele-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur is portraying Europe’s unwillingness to provide for its people and also its plea to destroy them through oppression and war.

Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur’s differentiates between the horrid societal structure of Europe and prospective America, which he argues with the repetition of positive diction and more lists. He states American as “this new man,” a place in which people can start over and achieve goals unattainable in the oppressive Europe. The repetition of these positive phrases and ideas illustrate that...
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