Creon Character Analysis

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  • Published : October 13, 2010
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Character Analysis.
This is an analysis of the character Creon from the story, Antigone. Creon is the uncle of Antigone and the king in the story. In my opinion he is very insecure and cocky. He is also very nasty, rude, unforgiving, and acts like a dictator. He doesn’t listen to others, and he thinks he is always right about everything. He doesn’t like to be proven wrong, and gets aggravated when he is challenged by others and is proven wrong.

“You will give no support to whoever breaks this law” (Sophocles, pg. 701) Creon is saying this to Choragos and he is telling him to not be nice to whoever breaks his law about burying Polyneices. This shows that Creon is very rude and unforgiving. Even though he made a law, and whoever breaks the law should be punished, he should not be so rude about it. He should at least give whoever was convicted of it a trial, and not be so nasty. He is unforgiving because, even though the person broke the law, the punishment should not be death. In my opinion, burying a dead body somebody is not that bad of a crime. I think the person who did the crime should be put in jail. Not be put to death, I think that is too brutal. Also, he should at least give the person that is convicted a trial, and not stop others from providing support until the person is proven guilty of the crime. The fact that Creon says to others that whoever breaks the law deserves no support, makes him sound rude and nasty. He could say it in a nicer manner, or not say it at all. So, this proves how I think that Creon is unforgiving, rude, and very nasty.

“Stop! Must you doddering wrecks go out of your heads entirely? “the gods!” Intolerable! The gods favor this corpse? Why? How had he served them?” (Sophecles, pg. 703) This is a quote from the story when Choragos suggests that it could have been the gods that buried Polyneices. Creon is extremely infuriated by this. This shows that he hates to be proven wrong, or even be suggested that he is wrong....
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