Creole Democracy and the Necklace

Topics: Democracy, Want, Election Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: October 18, 2012
1. The election on our place is basically dirty. Politicians who wants to be in the office (of course all of them wants it so bad!) give people money. Although I don’t think it’s a good strategy, it’s still beneficial (haha), for by that time my afternoon snack wants is not limited because the money that my parents have is considered spendable money. Though they give my parents money to vote them, my parents still votes whom they want to vote besides, they didn’t ask for the money, they handed it over at their own risk. 2. Freedom is when your decisions are not affected by the unjust laws of your society. It’s when your decisions are expressive but not by any means harms your people. Freedom is when you can do what you want but still with proper guidance and proper tolerance. 3. All of them are victims. The boy who’s tasked to be a spy to the other party, he’s a victim of the cruel reality that people pushes you away specially during times that you screwed up and they figured out that you will be of bad publicity on their behalf. The people of Camoruco, they’re victims of the fact that they’re believing a big lie that they can already be a democratic society when the truth is that they can’t even make their own decisions on whom to vote and that their illiterate enough to believe what the politicians tell them. The politicians, they are victims of greed. They wanted to be on the seat so that they can have the powers of controlling their home land. They don’t care if it’s not yet ready, as long as it would be beneficial to them then, thy will be done. 4. The people of Camoruco think of election in terms of war because they are illiterate and innocent. I figure they’re not ignorant because one of the characters said that he thought that “conquering” means war because that’s what he knew. Therefore, the true meaning of elections is not on their vocabulary, making them innocent not ignorant. 5. The last paragraph is enclosed in...
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