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Cremation Business Plan

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Cremation Business Plan

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Cremation has been constantly gaining acceptance here in the Philippines especially in areas where there are crematoriums such as Manila, Quezon City, Paranaque, and other leading cities in the Philippines. Although inhumation or traditional burial is still largely practiced in the Philippines, many Filipinos are now welcoming the cremation for variety of reasons such as, practicality and affordability, simple, cleanest process and speeds up natural process.

The demands for cremations is now at its peak especially when the Catholic Church permitted the cremation as a legitimate mode of disposing the dead body, and it was justified the existence of crematoriums such as The Loyola Memorial Park, Manila Memorial Park, The Heritage Park, La Funeraria Paz and Holy Trinity Funeral Service.

The Holy Gardens Chapel Inc. offer cremations but they are tie up to Loyola and it was costly on the part of the Chapel especially when the package is prepaid that the latter can’t increase the price when the former increase their prices. Since the Chapel offer cremation and almost all the funeral service in Rizal, putting a crematorium become the goal of the company.

In Rizal, there is no crematorium as of present time and the Holy Gardens Crematorium will be the first ever. Opportunities are now knocking at the door if all the funeral service that offer cremation will become our client. II. SIZE OF THE MARKET

|FUNERAL SERVICE |AVERAGE CREMATION PER YEAR | |1. J. Santiago Memorial Homes |10 | |2. Gatapia Funeral Homes |10 | |3. Dela Paz Funeral Homes |5...