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Cremation offers an affordable alternative to traditional funerary services. Cremation costs much less than a traditional funeral service and burial. For example, a traditional funeral and burial service can cost in excess of $7,000 at a minimum, while many crematoriums offer cremation and a container for the ashes for around $1,200. In light of changing social values with respect to funeral services, cremation also offers a modern alternative to long, drawn out burial services that often take a heavy emotional toll on the loved ones of the deceased. Over the past three decades, cremations have risen in number in the U.S. According to one report, the rate of cremations "has jumped from 5% of deaths nationwide in the early 1970s to more than 25 percent today" Nevertheless, cremation is literally a process whereby the remains of the deceased are burned and then any remaining bones are pulverized into ash. However, recent front-page headlines in Georgia and abuses at crematoriums and funeral homes that have them across the nation show that when it comes to cremation it is often the consumer who gets burned.

During the cremation process, once the cremator has reached optimum temperature (760 to 1150 °C (1400 to 2100 °F), the body is placed in a chamber called the retort. During this same process, the body organs and other soft tissue are vaporized and oxidized due to the heat, and the gases are discharged through the exhaust system. The entire process usually takes about two hours. In some funerals, relatives are allow to see the process of cremation. You have many memorialization options to consider for your loved one, before and/or after the cremation takes place. It is most important to create an event that not only allows family and friends to say good by, but also is meaningful and satisfying to all.

Cecere Funeral home provides each individual as unique, and so, their funeral services should be unique as well. They believe that no two...
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