Topics: North Korea, Kim Il-sung, Korean War Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Democracy for North Korea

Why should North Korea change their political system to democracy? Nobody would care much about north Korea- a small and isolated country with 24 million people, ruled by a grotesque dynasty that calls itself a communist. Communist calls for the government to take control of all capital and industry in the country in an effort to get rid of economic inequality. This means government controls and regulates everything. After the Korea war North Korea was determined to strengthen and build up their military force causing lot of problems like violation of human rights, famine in North Korea, and country wide brainwashing.

Violation of human rights in North Korea is very rampant. North Korea is in all likelihood is the most oppressive regime on Earth. Although human rights monitors are generally banned from the country; some news agencies have recruited a network of “citizen journalists” inside North Korea. The government controls everything. It allows no organized political opposition, free media, or religious freedom. North Korea also practice collective punishment of various anti-state offenses, for which it enslaves hundreds of thousands of citizens for stealing state property, hoarding food, and other “anti-socialist” crimes.

The people of North Korea suffer from hunger on the level of notorious Somalia and Sudan famines. The just suffer in silence behind the world media. One of the main factors for North Korea famine is political problems: The North Korea government ignores the everyday lives of the people and only does things like preparing for war. It was said that many people died because of hunger and some citizen practiced cannibalism. As usual North Korea denied the reports of deaths. According to VICE documentary if you visit North Korea as a tourist, they will only allow where they want you to go, and everything is staged.

Brainwashing is common to all communist nations, and North Korea is no exception to this....
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