Creemore Srpings

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Creemore Srpings is a trademark of craft beer created by John Wiggins in 1987 and made in the town of Creemore, Ontario. The beer is sold in this region by the LCBO Liquor stores, bars, restaurants, taverns and brewer’s retail stores. We also know that their best sales are the draft beers but the beer in bottles procures a higher margin. Currently, Creemore Springs has a production of about 27,000 hl of beer per year and wishes to rise to 50,000 hl per year, but retaining its premium brand image and its craft manufacture. The brand does not also want to be distributed outside of Ontario. We will try to find some brand evolution opportunities in order to increase the production and turnover. Creemore Springs is an original brand, with a very specific policy. I will try to list the main strengths / weaknesses and opportunities / threats of the brand: Internal analysis:

* Strengths:
* Craft Production
* Brand image and premium quality product
* Reputation based on a word-of-mouth communication then the brand can now focus on a marketing campaign * The company has enough space to grow
* Important margins on bottles

* Weaknesses:
* Bottles nonstandard
* Restricted budgets
* Do not wish to extend to other regions
* Price is already high, do not further increase

External analysis:
* Opportunities:
* Minimal market share, can further increase
* Increase of online shopping (to explore ...)
* Competitors' products lower quality

* Threats:
* Very strong competition
* Low competitors' prices
* Restrictions on alcohol sales

We have seen that Creemore Springs would like to double its production of beer, but as shown in the SWOT synthesis, it wants to keep intact its premium brand image, its craft production and continue to sell its products only in Ontario. Furthermore, the brand should focus on bottles...
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