Credit Krasner

Topics: Abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock, Modernism Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Credit Krasner

Although recognized as a genius of American modernism, Jackson Pollock may not have become the famous abstract expressionist that he was, if it weren't for the support and dedication of his wife Lee Krasner. Also a well known painter, Krasner was a big part of Pollocks life worth and when he had his drunk, unstable episodes she was the one to take care of him. She helped him sell his paintings, and basically introduced Pollock's work for him to the art world, in New York at the time. Lee Krasner, not only for her own abstract expressionism, became famous through the fame of her husband. Her identity as a women art producer was confused by her identity as Mrs. Jackson Pollock[1]. Krasners work was on a different level of popularity than Pollocks at the time they met. Her focus shifted from her work to Jacksons work and would not truly shift back until his death in 1956[2]. One might say she was the force which started Jackson Pollocks career. Setting out to find self annihilating Jackson, Krasner takes him under her wing and changes his life, but more importantly his career[3]. In the 1940's and 1950's abstract expressionism became the modern movement in American painting. Its was seen as a continuation of the sublimity of romanticism and was depicted as an 'American Style'[4]. Krasner, already having her foot in the door of the art scene in New York, introduces Pollock to Hans Hoffmann[5]. Hofmann, German-born, was an American abstract expressionist painter who taught Lee prior to forming a close relationship with Jackson. If it hadn't been for Krasner and her drive for a successful art career, Pollock never would have had the pleasure of knowing another extraordinary, well known artist of his time. Both artists were introduced into the art world around the time of WWII. Just before the women's liberation movement in America, as the Great Depression was ending and WWII was beginning. Alcoholism struck the nation and Jackson was one of its...
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