Credit Card vs. Paying Cash

Topics: Credit card, Money, Payment Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Obvious fact is that money remains one of the most important things in our life. It helps us to survive buying thing which is needed to our body: food, clothes etc. Sometimes we earn a lot of money and we need to save them somewhere, sometimes we need to make a purchase but we can’t afford it. What is the way out? It is credit card. The credit card has a lot of advantages over cash and vice versa. But what is it better to have? What way is it better to pay and make purchases? This essay is going to give advantages and disadvantages of both cash and credit card. As a result, we will be able to answers these questions. Cash or Credit?

Cash and credit card don’t have a lot in common. They both are used to pay for some goods and services, they are money but in different types of it. Money in cash is a sum of some which we really have, and money on credit card is not only money that we have but also money which can be offered us by the company. The differentiation of cash and credit card should be based on the advantages and disadvantages that they have. This differentiation is to show what it is better to use: cash or credit, taking into account the type of life and different situation which we can have. One of the advantages using cash is that a person always knows how much he or she spends. For instance, if a person has 50$ it means that there is no opportunity to spend 51$. With a credit card a person can pay for good or services and later forget when money have gone. Credit card allows spending more money than we have. Everyone loves “free money” but each credit must to be paid off, and the longer we wait the bigger amount of money we are to pay. So, credit cards build up the debts which we sometimes can’t handle (Evans & Schmalensce, 1999). If we pay for something and then want to turn it back, credit card can’t allow a full payment back, there will be some charges. But if something is aid by cash, the full return is probable. Credit card helps...
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