Credible Nutrition Information

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Running head: Credible Nutrition Information: Individual Assignment

Credible Nutrition Information: Individual Assignment
Paul Smith
University of Colorado




It is four in the afternoon and your feeling that daily slow down after a long day. Some people turn to a chocolate bar, cup of coffee, healthy fruit but many are turning to Red Bull for the boost of energy. However, children these days are exposed to more advertisement each day, which as a result has them also drinking Red Bull. Little do they know that they could very well be harming themselves with every gulp. This paper will provide information on sources that have seen these problems and are now trying desperately to education the public

Part A
I personally would use Google to find background information on the topic. If I could not do so and I had no idea where to do, I would use an encyclopaedia to search related topics on my own without uses them as sources (i.e. Wikipedia). Furthermore, once I have established the direction in which I desire to go about writing the assignment, I would then look for credited or relevant websites, keeping in mind quality over quantity. The three websites I have chosen for this assignment are the following: 1) This is a very useful websites when you need medical information on health concerns, injuries, diet and much more. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 2) This is practically MSN and the Australian Media. I found this article with information provided by the Australian Drug Foundation’s Drug Info Clearinghouse who is sponsored by the Australian Drug Foundation. Furthermore providing a very interesting news report. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 3)
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