Creature Care Clinic

Topics: Management, Operations management, Study skills Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Teasha Longmore
Operations Management
Homework Assignment #1
Case Study: Creature Care Animal Clinic (B)

This case study is about Dr. Barr who is a veterinarian and opens her own clinic. She like most first time owners is having problems managing, organizing, controlling inventory, and staffing employees. She just needs to take some time and find out the main goal that she set out to accomplish in the first place.

The operation management problem that Dr. Barr is currently facing is planning, organizing, and controlling. Planning consist of knowing when to stay open late and when to close the clinic early. Organizing, the current system that she has in place is not adapting to current setting of the clinic for example the overflow on Friday evenings.

The Schedule isn’t working for Dr. Barr because demand for her service offered is greater on Fridays than Wednesday. She should switch the days the clinic is open late due to the demand for her services on Friday.

Inventory problems always occur when more than one person is doing inventory because mix numbers come out, more than what is needed is ordered and therefore ending up with an excess of that product. The office assistant should be in charge of ordering inventory and it should be taken at least once a week which then, eliminates running out of things and having too much of other stuff and wasting products.

Dr. Barr should have switched the schedule around when she noticed the demand for her services were greater on Friday than Wednesdays. Had one person in charge of inventory and schedule both veterinarians on Fridays.

Suggestions: both veterinarians available on Fridays, office assistant handles all inventory, close early Wednesday and stay open late on Fridays .
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