Creature Care

Topics: Physician, Doctor, Management Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: February 4, 2013
operations Management
2 Feb. 2013

Creature Care Animal Clinic

This case study discusses the struggle to produce profit that Dr. Julia Barr is recently experiencing at her Creature Care Animal Clinic. According to the case, Julia is now feeling overwhelmed with the fact that although she is doing something she loves; she is no longer making income. While reading the case, I noticed several key issues that might be the cause of Julia's struggle to produce profit. Her managing style needs to be assessed and changes need to be made in order for her to get back on her feet and successfully run her clinic. The first issue I recognized while reading the case is the fact that Julia based the way that her business would be run off of another business that she observed as a resident. The problem with this choice is that no one business runs the same. For the business that Julia observed, the way that their hours were set up was put in place to fit the needs of that particular staff. I think that every business has to make a schedule that works well with the number of staff members they have along with the amount of business they get on every day that they are open. For example, on Saturdays there was a need for both doctors to be working to provide proper coverage. I would concur from this that people have to work, usually, during the week and would have time for the clinic only on the weekends. I think that Julia would need to first recognize this and then make the schedule so that both she and Dr. Yen are present on Fridays and Saturdays; and rotated coverage on less busy days such as Wednesdays. I also think that this amendment to the schedule would help solve the issue that the staff had to stay late in the evening on Fridays. With two doctors working, things would probably run more smoothly and quicker. A second key issue with Julia's management operations is her lack of a formal system of inventory. Two main problems arose from this mistake and I think...
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