Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development Plan

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New Product Development Plan

Grassbot The Robotic LawnMower

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Table of Contents

Preliminary Outline1
I.Phase 1: Opportunity Identification and Selection (Initial Market Research)1 II.Phase 2: Concept Generation2
III.Phase 3: Concept / Project Evaluation2
IV.Phase 4: Development2
V.Phase 5: Launch3
Product Description4
I.Quick one time setup includes:4
II.Features & Benefits4
IV.Technical specifications:6
V.Market Research Method6
Scoring Model for Full Screen of GrassBot8
New Products Process20
Strategic Launch Planning33
I.Strategic Platform Decision33
II.The Target Market Decision37
III.Product Positioning40
IV.Branding and Brand Management40
V.Brand Name Dilution44
VI.Brand Profitability45
VII.Global Brand Leadership45
Implementation of your Launch Cycle46
I.Strategic Platform Decision46
II.Technical Launch Discussion and Actions, Showing Influences on Demand47 III.The Communication Plan51
IV.A-T-A-R Requirements53
Market Testing59
I.The Market Test Decision59
II.Methods of Market Test60
Launch Management68
I.Launch Management system contains the following:68
References 87
Preliminary Outline

Phase 1: Opportunity Identification and Selection (Initial Market Research)

1 Robotic Lawnmower as a current manufacturer of lawn mowers the opportunity has been presented to add Robotic Lawnmowers to our brand.

2 Do Exploratory Research using the internet to determine what companies are currently manufacturing Robotic Lawnmowers.

1 Friendly Robotics – Robomow

2 LawnBott

1 Use internet reviews to see features both mowers

2 Use Consumer Reports to determine rating of competitive products and their features.

3 Look at price point of mowers

4 Look at target market of product

5 Use market research and poll a sample group of homeowners to determine the needs of their lawn care.

3 Do Sampling to determine the Target Market – In the case of our new product we will look at our current customer base. Using questionnaires and using the quantitative method would give a good indication of customer benefits required.

1 Use Telephone Surveys

2 Use Email Surveys.

1 Surveys would consist of demographic information such as:

1 Age

2 Family Income

3 Type of Lawn Maintenance Used

4 Own Home

2 Survey would include Questions regarding Lawn

1 Size of Lawn

2 Type of Terrain

3 Do they have lawn irrigation

4 Current Brand of Lawn Mower

5 Age of Lawn Mower

4 Start to develop Product Innovation Charter

Phase 2: Concept Generation

1 From market research surveys determine what features consumers are looking for in a Robotic Mower.

2 Determine Target Market from Survey Information Gathered

3 Look at current market share of each LawnBott & Robomow

4 Determine power requirements

1 Recommendation Power Requirements for Robotic Lawnmower / what are some alternatives?

2 If not a robotic lawnmower what improvements can be made to our current line?

3 Using battery technology can we convert current mowers from gas to battery with a charger? Creating Eco-Friendly lawn mower would be a great promotional strategy.

Phase 3: Concept / Project Evaluation

1 Create Product Definition that will includes

1 The intend market,

2 Perceived problems internally and externally with producing new Robotic Lawnmower

3 Include all benefits that the new product will have.

Phase 4: Development

1 Resource Preparation which will include,

1 Determining members of the team,

2 Training marketing members to understand the concept so they can develop marketing launch.

2 Create Prototype of product so that it can be looked at for design and capabilities.

1 Since this is a robotic type product the...
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