Creativity in Social Systems

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Belief Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Creativity in Social Systems
Juan Davis
February 17, 2013
James Voketaitis

Creativity in Social Systems
A creative individual is a fundamental element to success and achievement. Creative behaviors builds positive relationships and creates an origin for a surpass future. Arieti constructed a listing of Nine Features of the "Creativogenic" Society which has unbolted the perceptiveness of society. To further explicate its consistency is the accessibility of culture and particular physical methods at least, for the best of society; open to culture stimulus in diverse phases of a person’s life; strain on developing into and not just on existence; free accessibility to culture media for all people, without discriminating; free will, or even the preservation of temperate discriminating, after critical repression or complete prohibition; disclosure to various and even contrasted culture stimulus; acceptance for divergent visions and observations; interacting of momentous people; endorsement of inducement and rewards.

Sports Team
Accessibility of material is vital in order to create path ways for specified goals. Culture variety is essential when having to reference any source. For example, by presently playing for a community culturally diversified baseball team in Saint Louis. The cultural differences in this sports team permits a person to evade creating biased assumptions. When in uncertainty, a player will turn to other teammates for guidance and respect their differing opinions. Candidness of culture stimulus assists in the falsehood of disclosing information. A person must be willing to accomplish success through the existence of others. A neighboring community will serve as templates for impressions.

To change for the better will motivate the development of a society hierarchy. During each charity event, people make an effort to learn from their oversights in order to become a...
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