Creativity in classrooms

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  • Published: December 3, 2013
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The reason why student complain of boredom and lack of variety in the classroom is, because of the lack of engagement, inability to make choices, and the lack of voice in the classroom.

The biggest reason most students does not engage in classroom activity is because of the criticism they get from their teachers when they try to express their feels about something. Most teachers tend to focus more on quantity instead of quality, they focus more on how it’s being said instead of what’s been said. An evidence that supports this can be seen in the book Rethinking School- Teaching Standard English in our School by Linda Christensen pg 130. “When more attention is paid to the way something is written or said than to what is said, students’ words and thoughts become devalued. Student learn to be silent, to give as few words as possible for the teacher criticism.” Meaning, due to the criticism of teacher students tend to talk less to avoid been judged. In this this evidence one can clearly see that the criticism of teachers has a very big impact on us students in such a way that it makes us feel like what we have said is wrong, or bad, or stupid; due to this feels we tend to be less engaging in the class activity to avoid been judged. This problem can be avoided if teachers know when to correct, and how to correct a student mistake. When correcting a student don't make them feel stupid or dumb for saying what they said but instead, let them know that you understand what they trying to say, and if you want to correct them, say something like, Here is another way to say what you just said, or you could say something like instead of using that vocab you could say this instead. By doing this, you are making the student feel more comfortable in making mistakes and also creating an atmosphere of growth in the classroom.

Another reason students complain of boredom is due to the inability to make choices. Students are been told what to do and how to...
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