Creativity, Critical Thinking and Change

Topics: Truth, Critical thinking, Belief Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1.1. Throughout this century, a famous painting entitled The Man with the Golden Helmet was believed to be the work of the Dutch master Rembrandt. Some years ago it was proved to have been painted by someone else. Some people would say that the truth about this painting changed. Do you agree? Explain. The book tells us that truth is the accurate representation of objective reality, and that our assumptions, and wishes do not affect the reality of the facts. With that being said; I would say yes the truth about the painting changed. Since there is hard evidence that proves it was not the work of Rembrandt then, the truth has changed. 1.2. Examine each of the following cases in light of what you’ve learned about truth in this chapter. State your view and explain why you hold it. a. Ira is a journalist. Will the belief that he can create his own truth make him more or less likely to value accuracy in his reporting? If Will believes he can make his own truth it will make him less likely to value accuracy in his reporting. The news is one thing and opinions are another. By creating his own truth he is interjecting his opinions, and ignoring the facts of the news. b. Bruce is prejudiced against minorities and women. Which of the following beliefs would be more helpful in overcoming his prejudice; the belief that truth is subjective and created; or the belief that truth is objective and discovered? Explain your reasoning. I would say that belief that truth is objective and discovered would help Bruce in overcoming his prejudice in minorities and women. This way of thinking about truth relies on facts, and historical truth; where Bruce could look back at history and find instances where women and minorities have excelled. If Bruce continues to believe that he can create his own truth, it is likely he will continue to not look at the facts and continue to judge people based on race and gender. c. Most students can use additional motivation to learn. Will the belief...
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