Creativity and Innovation

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The Six Thinking Hat is consisting of red, white, yellow, green, blue and black hat. Where Red hat is the feeling or emotions about something. White Hat is about information, facts and figures. Yellow Hat is about sunshine, positive and constructive, the effectiveness and getting the job done. Black Hat some cautions always makes a contingency plan, identifying problem. Green Hat creative mode of thinking, looking at new ideas and solutions. And Lastly the Blue Hat is about controlling, planning situation, monitors and reflects your thinking. Submitted To:

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Assignment 2 (Six Thinking Hat)
Oct0ber 09,2012
Creativity and Innovation

Red Hat| * Excited * Feel Free * Happy| * Boring * Awkward * Less attentive| White Hat| * The cost will be much expensive * It’s going to have a long journey * Dangerous * Must know the safety precautions * Many activities can be done| * Cheaper / affordable * More safe * It is more near to civilization * Can learn about antique, artifacts, anything that is related to history| Yellow Hat| * Refreshing * Can relax our mind * Calm/positive thinking| * The knowledge about tradition and culture are constructed| Green Hat| * It’s easier to have creative idea by using natural resources| * Can have an idea of developing the past artifacts to a new artifact.| Blue Hat| * Island sets the mood of a person in enjoying the scenery, appreciating the nature and taking care of the natural resources| * Historical place sets our mind to focus or think about what happened in the past and any relevant to it.| Black Hat| * The risk is much more needed * The limitations or rules can be neglected * The risk of accidents occur * The natural calamities| * Not all that been said can be understand by everybody.|


We are given an assignment to relate the Six Thinking Hat into your chosen Topic. We...
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