Creative Writing vs. Technical Writing

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  • Published : July 6, 2012
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Creative Writing

He had stood that day, the world’s foremost spokesman of popular government, saying that democracy was yet worth fighting for… He incarnated the assurances and pretenses of popular government, implied that if could and might perish from the earth… He did not assume that the drafted soldiers, substitutes, and bounty – paid privates had died willingly under Lee’ shot and shell, in deliberate consecration of themselves to the Union cause. His cadences sang the ancient song that where there is freedom men have fought and sacrificed for it, and that freedom is worth men’s dying for. For the first time since he became President he had on a dramatic occasion declaimed however it might be read. Jefferson’s proposition which had been a slogan of the Revolutionary War – “All men are created equal” leaving no other inference that that he regarded the Negro slave as a man. His outwardly smooth sentences were inside of them gnarled and tough with the enigmas of the American experiment.

Technical Writing

This method of analysis calls for a division and sometimes subdivision of elements that make and idea or an object. The divisions must be mutually exclusive; that is, each division is independent of other, although each contributes to the general theme… The four general divisions of “Basic Forms of Writing” are: Expository, Persuasive, Descriptive, and Narrative. Each division in turn has its own Classification. Exposition has a dozen or so independent parts, Analysis one of them.

In analysis by partition one begins with an idea, an object, or an individual, and separates it into its various elements. In classification one begins with a group and divides it into appropriate smaller independent parts.
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