Creative Writing Task

I started life as a disappointment – because I wasn’t a boy. I continued being a disappointment – because I was ugly. My older brother was handsome, my younger sister was beautiful, and my little sister was our baby and people always say babies are beautiful even when they are hideous. After a while I get used to being told I was ugly and gave up minding about it. Instead of minding, I determined to ride better, run faster, be funnier and give more generous presents than the rest of the family. But underneath these efforts I never forgot for a moment that I was ugly.

“Life isn’t always fair.” Personally, I think that’s an understatement. It should be written as, “Life is never fair”. Shouldn’t parents be happy with simply a healthy baby? Why do they have to be so picky? I think being excluded is the reason as to why I’m so ugly. All my other siblings receive overwhelming amounts of love so they’re all handsome, beautiful and talented. But not me. I’m the ugly duckling of the bunch. The odd one out. I guess I’m used to not having anything my way now and being picked on. It’s the way of life in this family I suppose. If you’re not what the parents want, no one cares about you. And do you know that the middle sibling being neglected is not a rumour? It’s a fact. I know this because I have first-hand experience on being abandoned. For example, my parents never come to my school events. They always have an excuse for not attending mine whether it is because it’s my older brother’s graduation or sister’s first day of school. I never get driven to school either unlike the rest of them but take the bus. The excuses?

“Your older brother has important exams that he can’t be late for” or

“Your younger sister needs to reserve her energy for netball training after school.”

What about me? It’s not like I don’t have exams or sport training. It’s not like I picked my gender. It’s not like I wanted to be ugly. Why does everyone have to pick on me? It’s not my fault....
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