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Sean McCann
Creative Writing
20 Page Story
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May 13, 2011

Entry #1: Awakening
June 24th, 2034. Estimated time: 8:30am
As I sink, into a world which has become my home, I ponder the idea of growing; alone. I dream of your blank face, of which I’ve yet to see. These thoughts, these nights are fucking haunting me. I need to get far from all of this, but it’s not going away. Trapped in this emotional affliction, I have nowhere else to turn. I just want this to fucking end. I want all of this to end. How ironic. That was my last entry into my journal I kept. I’m starting a new one now, in this new life, a barren wasteland of a life. It seems appropriate since nothing is the same, it all ended like I wished. I just recently recovered. My memory is faded due to head injury on an unfortunately placed shelf. I remember a lot, but not much about myself, not even my name. Searching for a wallet, or some type of identification; I became re-aware to what just happened. I un-latched a steel screen that covered the only window I allowed myself to have. Ashes clouded the sky in a cold blanket; cold with the screams of the wounded. The flames of the inferno crackled as it burned down our hopes. Sometimes hope is all you have. When it’s gone, you’re left with nothing. People take hope for granted a lot of times. We’re all hopeless. Few were walking, some were injured and many were either dead, or close to it. I was one of the lucky ones. Shielded by the hatch I prepared for myself, I managed to survive, obviously. Other than the memory loss, minor cuts and bruises were suffered due to me stumbling around at the initial shock of the blast. Yet again, I find myself looking for anything to tell me who I am. Reading the previous journal was useless. It was more like a diary apparently; this will be different. I hope to keep a detailed account of my quests during this period of history. For now, I will remain nameless until more information is gathered.

Entry #2: Preparation
June 24th 2034. Estimated time: 9:00am

“Time to head out.” I said to myself. My only concern is the radiation that lingers just outside my shelter. However, I planned for this. Towards one corner, covered in a dusty blanket laid just what I needed. I kept “anti-radiation” armor, for lack of a better name. ARA, for short, that works. I forged it myself out of that new element scientists found surrounding the core of the Earth, elementium. It’s easily spreadable into any size sheets, though hard to obtain, as you can imagine. I know, well, knew people in the business. The process was simple; I just applied heat and electromagnetic waves while slowly bending the bars and maintaining a good thickness. I equipped every piece. My whole body was covered in a slick, shiny, turquoise armor that emitted my prowess. Detailed with a gold trim, I look pretty good if I do say so myself. Furthermore, a gun was holstered in my right bracer.

Before I even got the chance to climb out of the shelter, I could feel the brittleness of the armor showing. With each step, I felt a crack and with a swift motion, fell a piece of the elementium. I probably applied too much heat during the forging process. Amateur mistake. This will only last until I get out of the high-radiation area, if I’m lucky. Other than my armor, I managed to salvage fruits, water and bread before the bombs hit. We were only aware once we saw them in the sky. You can imagine the panic in the streets.

Entry #3: Who Am I?
June 24th, 2034 Estimated time: 9:30am

Without and further hesitation, I un-latched the door. The sight made me sick to my stomach. Burning carcasses of fellow human beings lay. The lucky ones were incinerated in the huge explosion. If only everyone else was as fortunate, or as smart as me. Being a scientist has its perks. With my backpack in hand, and armor slowly crumbling, I didn’t waste any time sight-seeing. Though my memory was a fraction of what it was, I knew where I was...
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