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Topics: Cross country running, Love-hate relationship, Emily Dickinson Pages: 3 (487 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Murphy 1
Martha Murphy
Ms. Gallinari
English Honors Period I
7 Feb 2013 (#3)
“Detwiller Park”

You can hear the sounds of footsteps
Rustling through the leaves
Teammates follow with their breathing
We’re twelve of many left who believe

Fearless in our actions
Nearest in our dreams
Today is the day
Where champions succeed

I said remember this brief moment
Like a picture in my mind
They read off all our names
And our wondrous school that we define

The most reassuring thing
Is that we put forth all our best
With that shield upon our backs
Our hearts took care of the rest

I am not afraid
That this team soon will cease to be
Because as the race crossed the finish line
You all were right there with me

Success comes the sweetest
To those who don’t always succeed
And now that brisk November day
Will go down in history

Thanks for being there for me
Running mile after mile
And putting Tay on the playlist
Every once in a while

As a freshman you welcomed me in
With outstretched arms
Making sure I would find a place
In this dysfunctional family of ours

Now almost a Senior I cannot believe
That only scant time remains
In this love hate relationship
Introduced to me by Beebe

You were the best older sisters
I could have ever looked up to today
And you were the best younger sisters
That I was able to show the way

We will all go our separate ways
After this dream is done
You only get four years
So make it the best ones

Remember those days of hard work
With the willingness to succeed
And the three longest miles we ever ran
That led us to victory.

Murphy 2

This poem is inspired by Emily Dickinson’s work, “Success is Counted Sweetest.” In the poem, I used the specific idea that is used in her poem, that success comes greatest to those who don’t get it that often. The views of victory are a lot more worthwhile to those who aren’t able to take them for granted. An example of this in my life was...
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