Creative Writing Journeys

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  • Published : August 3, 2008
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Creative Writing

I have been across mansion floors, down swirling staircases, tapped along a dance floor and under the seat of very sophisticated restaurants. Maxwell, my owner is struck down with the food poisoning, I’m almost useless now. I need to travel, being cramped up in here makes me very frustrated, oh if only I had hands to stop Maxwell from eating that seafood. I wasn’t happy being vomited towards, and neither was my twin, Prada . My twin is a soleful character, always willing to follow me is also very upset as we are stuck here in this stinky old closet.

Finally, Maxwell is up and well, and I’ve survived through the dull, dark days with the closets inhabitants, Maxwells’s off to the mall. Down the marble staircase we ran, and across the impeccable marble floor we walked, finally the rays of sunlight shone upon me, I let out a sigh of relief. “To the mall”, insisted Maxwell and soon we arrived, as usual it felt like a red carpet appearance.Maxwell is shoe shopping. I stood for three hours, tossed all over the mall as I witnessed the struggles of many of my peers.

My day was getting worse, and finally it ended. I woke to the creaking of the closet door, and I was grabbed, strangled down. A frustrated Massimo let his fury out in one hard slam, THUD! Into the ground I went. I thought my days were never going to get worse, Maxwell was going to see his girlfriend and I had to be there. Prada seemed depressed, we hadn’t spoke in days, were our days numbered in this high class life? Finally, we arrived at Maxwell’s girlfriends place; I was ready for a night of being tossed to all corners of the room, often separated from Prada.

After a loud, hot, steamy night, I fell asleep to the moaning in the background. I suddenly awoke when Maxwell grabbed me by my lace and violently put me on Maxwell was on his usual escape mission the morning after. Maxwell stumbled across the bedroom floor, his eyes scanning the room for movement; we set off like...
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