Creative Writing Essay: Character Bio Draft 1

Topics: 2006 albums, Debut albums, Attention economy Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Being born into a family of wealth probably is the only thing Paulette will ever know. Having a father, the town’s mayor, and a mother, a successful actress, who both brought the bread home made Paulette only have a dream life that people would always want. Starting kindergarden, she would have all the nice dresses, and was only sent to school if she was prepped to act like a princess. It was like having a beauty pageant child go to your elementary. But the down fall was that people didn’t understand that she was going to rule the school for years to come. So being ignored in the younger years really made her sensitive, but family oriented/reliant. Every day after school, she would carefully walk to her bus, and sit right in the back, where no one was allowed to sit with her. Well, except her little doll Cynthia. It was like a crutch that lasted only for a little while till a boy started to pick on her about it. Having a guy now picking on her made her feel confident, and like finally someone was paying attention to her. So letting Cynthia was completely a choice that only made her for who she was today. Growing up, Paulette got everything she wanted. There were cooks at her side when she got home, maids that would even paint her nails for her, and then the butler, who only was on his hands and knees for her needs. It was like there were no muscles in her body, and she couldn’t do anything. But that was besides the point. Education was only a secondary choice to her now, compared to her social life. Getting teachers to overlook her lack of attention, and snippy attitude was a synch though! Paulette just had to wait till Parent Teacher Conferences came up and she promised her parents would bring something nice to bribe them to keep her grades up. But seriously, it was really that easy. But as she got older, it was harder to keep everything in line. Maybe a test here or there would trigger her to pay attention, but that was because her parents spoiled her to study....
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