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Topics: Butcher, Christmas, Jim Butcher Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The most popular time to shop at the butchers would be during the Christmas season. It is the most popular time of the year, where families gather and share a meal together. At this time people prefer to visit the butchers personally rather than sending someone. This ensures that they will get the best cut; it is an instinct. Shopping at the butchers entails a lot of things. Everyone would naturally want the cheapest price. However, at the same time they would like to show off with the tastiest meat. Sometimes, it would be important to know what meat is in season and tastes the best at that particular time of the year. Equally, for some people the source of the meat is of great concern to them. For instance, Muslims would prefer Halal meat while others would prefer minced meat, which would require prior arrangements. Finally, to everyone cleanliness is a shared philosophy; your butchery is dirty you’re going to close down soon. Last Christmas season, I was extremely anxious to shop for the best meat. This is because it was going to be the center of every meal we were going to prepare that season. So as usual, I made all important call to my favourite butcher. Mr Tom is an easy to recognize figure even when you are new in the neighbourhood. He dresses in this sparkling white pinafore that strikes everyone for medical doctor. He takes extra caution to make sure his store and meat are just as well taken care of as he is. Soon I arrived at my butcher’s premises, as was welcomed by Tom’s warm smile, an indication that my order was ready. The smell of the fresh meat tingled my senses, a strong feeling of excitement rushed through my blood as I watched the lady before me receive her package. I was next in line. My eyes took an adventure around the store as I waited for my turn. Most people would normally not enjoy going to the butchers, strangely I was not one of these people. I loved the soft music Mr Tom would have on from the stereo system in the store, it...
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