Creative Writing Assignment. a Newspaper Article Inspired by the Novel "Mr. Vertigo" by Paul Auster

Topics: English-language films, Escape, Escape character Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: May 21, 2011
What a wonder!

Walt the Wonder Boy is finally found. It turned out to be his vindictive uncle who kidnapped him to get money and most of all revenge. Here is the full story of how the wonder boy escaped on his own.

Do you know the expression not appreciating what you have until you lost it? Well, our Walt says that he certainly knew what he had lost when he was kidnapped five months ago and that he now has had his life returned to him.

We are in Rapid City, South Dakota, where the boy yesterday came out of the woodwork. He had escaped in a car, but the heap had run out before he had driven twenty miles. Luckily a travelling salesman had picked him up and driven him to the nearest police station where he was ”treated like the crown prince of Ballyball”. This is quite different to the treatment he has been exposed to by the kidnappers.

Russian roulette

Tied up with constantly itching ropes, the boy had been sitting in a dark room for months with only canned food to eat.

”There were moments where I couldn’t help myself. When tears just fell from my eyes and wouldn’t stop”, Walt explains. Spiders would run up and down his face, covering his hair with eggs. He was slapped around and abused in form of taunts and verbal digs. Occasionally his uncle would twirl a gun on his finger and press it against his skull, just to see the reaction but at all time Walt kept his mouth shut and avoided to provoke his uncle. ”I was scared to death, but knew that my uncle wasn’t going to kill me – he wanted more than that” Walt tells.

Fifty thousand dollars in a straw suitcase

It turned out to be correct. The uncle had kidnapped him and hidden him away in that treeless and desolated place to get a fifty thousand dollar ransom delivered in a straw suitcase. This information is from Walt’s master who had to sell all of his belongings to get the money and purchase Walt’s freedom.

But before he got a chance to do that, Walt had found his own way of escaping from...
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