Creative Writing

Topics: Fishing, Left-handedness, Sheriff Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: August 6, 2011
Creative writing: people can see the same power/powerlessness differently. Compose a narrative showing aspects of power/powerlessness.

The fog was lifting, rising off the glossy pristine surface of the motionless lake. There was an eerie aura about the place, bordering on spooky. Something in amongst the shroud of fog moved. Then there came a brilliant ripple that slid over the glassy surface of the lake, assaulting the crystal like state of the surface as it went along. The groups of ripples were amazing, they were perfectly circular. They left behind a broken plastered surface.

As the fog continued to lift, it revealed the source of the ripples, a frog. The frog had jumped into the lake and was propelling itself towards the other side. Another burst of ripples shot out from where the frog was. As the frog reached the other side, it slowed down. Just then when the frog was about to leap from the lake onto the shore, a large dragon like figure thrust its head from the dark body of water, and consumed the frog, whole. Alex couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. “Could it be?” he asked himself. Could this be the legendary water dragon that people had talked about, the urban myth that mothers told their children about during bedtime stories? The next day when Alex strolled through the main street of his town, Springton he approached the Sheriff’s office. As he swung the door open he thought to himself “what am I going to say? Will the sheriff even believe me?” he didn’t care; he knew it was his duty to report what he had seen the previous night. He nervously walked to the sheriff’s desk.

“What is it now Alex?” demanded the sheriff in an angry impatient tone. “I thought you might want to know what I saw last night” replied Alex, he continued “I saw a large dragon like creature swallow a helpless little frog on the lake last night” “So, what do I care?” asked the sheriff

“Well, I think it was that water dragon, you know the one that people say is an...
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