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How to make your creative writing better
This means that you should practice writing stories out of chronological (or time) order. You could use flashbacks, or start your story at the end and then write about events that led up to the crisis. TV shows like Revenge and Lost have used this technique. You could also tell the story from different character’s perspectives. Novels like Across the nightingale floor alternate between the female protagonist’s perspective (written in third person narration) and the male protagonist’s perspective (written in first person narration). Remember to start a new paragraph when you change time setting / place setting / character perspective and use: * * * * *

These techniques are a bit harder to do, so they help to show off your skills more effectively. 2.USE SENSORY IMAGERY
Good creative writing uses descriptive language to provide a detailed account of what is happening in the story. This means that readers can relate to these events and empathise with the characters. Use detailed descriptions about what your character can see / hear / smell / feel / taste. Writing in third person will help you to include more detailed descriptions. 3.LIMIT EVENTS AND INCLUDE MORE DESCRIPTIONS OF CHARACTER / SETTING Even though I live in Gosford, in my community, people don’t get ‘capped’, I don’t get chased by the police, I’ve never been abducted and terrorists have never kidnapped my son. Writing about events that are realistic will help readers to relate to your story. Writing about only ONE event will also help you to describe your characters and setting in more detail, which again, helps readers to relate and creates empathy.  

Narrative Plan
Concept of power that I’m focusing on:
Main event:
Structure (linear/non-linear):
Sensory imagery that I could use:
Other ideas:
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