Creative Thinking Saved the Day

Topics: Mother, English-language films, Father Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Creative thinking saved the day
The morning was sunny and hot. The sky was bright blue. It seemed like a good day so I went to call my friends, Ashley and Gabriella to play. I rang the bell and Ashley came out. I asked her if she could come out and play volley ball but she said no, she could not come because she was not allowed outside. Her mother had told her that a kidnapper had broken out from a jail and had come to Bradford Court .She asked me to read the newspaper. I was very shocked because I could not imagine a kidnapper in our town. I rushed home and started to look for the newspaper. I could not find it so I asked Mom if she knew where it was. She said it was in my dad’s room. I could hear him snoring while standing outside his door. I tip-toed inside and saw the newspaper lying on the floor. I picked it up and went out. On the top, there was written ‘Headlines for the Week’. I read it on, and the first line was ‘Escaped Kidnapper Heading Towards Bradford Court’. I fled downstairs and my mother told me that they were going out for dinner. I told her about the headlines but she told me that these kinds of false alarms were an everyday thing. I did not want them to go because I was scared, but she said that I was a grown-up girl and could take care of myself on my own. I was sad and afraid. My parents went out at 7.30 and I locked every single door and window. My mother had left some pizza for me. I ate it hungrily. I sat their reading a book. Suddenly, a bright idea came to my mind. I could set up alarms and buzzers to alert me if anyone tried to enter the house. I felt happy and set to work. I was wearing a bright, yellow shirt so I decided to change to black. I collected some big boxes, marbles, pans, pots, balloons, strings, a bag, bottles of oil and grease, and a CD player. I went to the front door and I took a string and the bag of marbles. I attached the marbles to the string and the string to the door and the marbles to the door. I put the bag a...
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