Creative Thinking

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Creative thinking is a process that involves creative problems solving, and new ideas or concepts, or a new way for an existing idea. Creative thinking gives people the opportunity to create something or make something better that has already existed. Creative thinking is how many items were invented.

Creative thinking allows a person to create something, or allows a person to improve something that already exists. Logical thinking is the process in which we use reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion. Logical think is expected and creative thinking is unexpected.

Creative thinking is meant to be daring, uninhabited, free spirited, imaginative, and unpredictable. Critical thinking is used to make the creative idea reductive, logical, focused, practical, and feasible. When you have someone who is a creative thinker you also need to critical think about things as well.

Creative thinking is important where I work. Everything is always changing in the document world. We are audited every year by the state and when there are issues with documentation we have to creatively come up with a solution that the state auditors will accept. The state auditors do not leave until they are satisfied with the changes we make. The next year that the auditors come back they may not like the procedure that was put in place the year before. If this is the case we have to be creative and change it to their acceptance. On a daily basis we work to assist people in daily living skills and you need to be creative in being able to help this person achieve their goals. Not one person is the same and they learn differently so being creative helps them in many ways. You also need to use critical thinking to ensure safety for the people who care for.
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