Creative Thinking

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Creative Thinking

* How might you use the strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues in addressing this topic?

When addressing the topic of the fiscal cliff I would apply the strategy of constructing pros and cons of each side of the argument on the issue. I would make a list and organize it to find which pros and cons would be best to write about, if not all of them. I would then address each pro and each con to better explain it, or construct relevant scenarios for each. Using analogies would more than likely not be a good idea because the wrong message could be construed from the analogy itself. I could force uncommon responses towards each pro and each con in the issue to better portray them.

How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity in addressing this topic? Why do you think these strategies might be effective? *
* To promote curiosity in the topic I would headline the article with a question, “What is best budget for everyone?” I think that would draw in more people to the article. I would then proceed to ask questions on each pro and con and then give the best answer I could to each question. By doing this I could get the reader’s attention and have them asking themselves even more questions and trying to figure out how they could be affected by each scenario that is given. *

* How might you use the various methods for producing ideas to eliminate the bias from the original article and still present a factual and persuasive case? *
* There wasn’t much bias in the original article and it was factual and persuasive to begin with. I would do my best while producing ideas to try to keep from become aggravated and agitated with the law makers who are working on the issue. While going through each scenario I would try to remember that they are also going through each scenario and doing the best they can. After this I would begin to write only the...
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