Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications Instruction

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 9 (2755 words) Published: July 21, 2011[14/4/2552 18:50:15] 1.0 Executive Summary
An integrated marketing communications audit was performed on Dell Inc. The audit determined that Dell Inc. had successfully moved away from the mass media approach to marketing through the implementation of a direct marketing to the consumer strategy. The audit determined further that Dell Inc. could improve its marketing effort by building on the successful direct marketing to consumer program to develop and Integrated Marketing Communications Plan. The elements of such a plan were recommended, and a plan for implementing the recommendations was provided.

2.0 Company Description
Dell Inc. is the global market leader in personal computers (PCs). The company offers a full line of desktop and notebook PCs designed for consumers, network servers, workstations, storage systems, and Ethernet switches. The company also sells handheld computers, and it markets third-party software and peripherals.

Dell Inc.'s mission is to provide high-quality personal computers to business and home computer users through a direct marketing strategy. The three essential elements of the company's strategy in pursuit of this mission are as follows: Minimize inventory [build to customer order]

Obtain information directly from customers and heed customers' wishes Do not sell indirectly
Globally, an important objective of Dell Inc. is to generate 50 percent of its sales in each global region on-line over the Internet. Several of the Company's global regions are not meeting the objective. Mainland China is one region that is not meeting this objective. Because of the nature of the Chinese market, the Company objective for on-line generated sales in mainland China was 15 percent by the end of 2004. The reluctance of larger business firms in mainland China to commit to on-line sales impinged on the ability of Dell to increase such sales at a faster rate.

Another important objective of Dell Inc. is to attain a market share ranking of no lower than second in each of the Company's global markets. Although the company is the global market leader, it is not the leader in all regional markets. Dell Inc. functions, effectively, as a virtual corporation. The basis for a virtual corporation is the concept of the virtual product or virtual service produced quickly in response to customer demand. Dell Inc. performs effectively in this context. Two important advantages of the virtual corporation concept are focus and specialization. These two factors tend to drive virtual corporations. Another advantage of the virtual corporation concept is the ability to reduce the cycle-time of production. Global competitiveness is forcing companies of all sizes to go to ever-greater lengths to improve customer satisfaction. Organizations can both decrease delivery time and improve quality, thereby creating a more satisfied customer. An organization's total business-cycle time is measured from the time a customer's need is identified to receipt of payment from that customer for the finished product. 3.0 Current Integrated Marketing Communication Analysis

This section examines the current status of integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategies at Dell Inc. IMC strategies are highly complex and were created primarily from a perspective that focused on conditions in developed economies. While IMC strategies have[14/4/2552 18:50:15] a role in all marketing endeavors, they are not as relevant in some developing markets are they are in developed markets in developed economies.

An IMC strategy envisions the use of media advertising, direct marketing, interactive/Internet marketing, sales promotion, and publicity/public relations. The most appropriate mix of the application of the elements of the IMC channel set is influenced to a great extent by more traditional considerations of market segmentation and...
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