Creative Process Essay- Designing Character

Topics: Narrative, Animation, English-language films Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: May 11, 2013
For me, designing a character is the act of putting a piece of my soul and a chunk of my mind into another figure. Each character has its own story to tell. Usually I would search within myself for ideas, either from memories or emotions, and try to make it interesting and unique. In order to have my characters tell their story in the future, I have to make them well prepared. Therefore, my characters have to be able to perform, in other words, they are made for animated films. Before dealing with the story telling, the first question that pops up in my head is “How do I spark people’s interest? ” Will people be curious to know more about this character, and want to know what will happen to them? Nancy Beiman, one of the Disney’s supervising animators, talked about character design in Prepare to Board!: “A good animated character, in any medium, will have a recognizable shape. When we can identify it instantly in silhouette, we say that it reads well.”(60) Shape gives audience the first impression. The body type of a character can be an indication of age, as well as his or her characteristic. When sketching down ideas, I usually start with basic shapes to construct a body type for my character. Beiman also stated that to make the design interesting, it’s better to keep it simple so that it is recognizable and impressive. (Beiman,59) A simple idea can make a powerful and impressive appearance of a character. Each of my character comes from a simple idea first, whether it’s from an emphasized emotion, an exaggerated characteristic, even an object, an animal, or simply a facial express. The first sketches of mine are usually the impressions of characters in my head. I usually start from the face, and try to depict it. Once I get the feeling right, I would continue to construct the body type in my mind. The character I created recently is a rock that came alive and become a man. I didn't even start with the idea of being a rock at the beginning. I just had...
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