Creative Laziness

Topics: Motivation, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Creative Laziness
Laziness is a state of mind. A person is said to be in a lazy state of mind with respect to a task when he is not properly motivated to do the task. Lack of motivation to do a task can spring up from many causes such as physical lethargy, lack of reinforcement in the form of rewards, failure to value the reward intended for the task appropriately, preoccupation of mind with some other things which is important to the person concerned, lack of interest in executing the task, all can be regarded as the cause of laziness. Laziness is always a looked down upon quality. A lazy mind is a work shop of devil. But who knows a lazy mind is a creative mind too. You know, the intellectual act of creativity needs a certain degree of laziness. Only a person who does not care for a disciplined life at least for one day in a week can be creative. Being free from daily structure of disciplined life give our brain enough space to breath. It comes out of the box of daily predictable routines and such a mental set up is the prime requirement for creativity. You might have heard about some painters, poets and writers indulging in intoxicants like liquor, tea, coffee etc just before they enter into their creative phase. They depend upon these things to release their consciousness from their otherwise uncreative imaginations. For initiation of creativity an easy, flexible, somewhat lazy mind is the basic requirement. Today’s class room activities do not ensure an atmosphere for students to be free and expressive of their own ideas. They are like tightly disciplined information imparting coaching centers that exhorts the student for nothing but to score grades in the examinations. Sometimes we can see that lazy minds are more creative than brilliant minds. These lazy minded pupils, their cause of laziness apart, get little opportunity to prove their presence in the group. Thus, year...
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