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52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun . . .
Serve creative challenges to your kids regularly. Enjoy a different creative activity each week with 52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun! Being creative with your kids is fun, easy, and important. Be sure to make time for at least one creative activity with your kids each week. Stimulating children’s imaginations, listening to their ideas, and spending time doing creative activities together are keys to their success.


Create an Art Center in Your Kitchen. Organize a shelf or rolling cart with kids’ art supplies, and let their creativity flourish while you are nearby. Turn Your Home Into an Art Gallery. Purchase inexpensive frames and hang your kids’ creations around the house. Tape some drawings on the ceiling above the kids’ beds to inspire their dreams. Inventors Create. Gather recycled materials, such as old shoes, worn out clothes, buttons, and paper towel rolls. Gather craft supplies, such as Crayola Model Magic, Markers, and Glitter Glue. Have your child combine these items to create new inventions—identify a problem and construct the solution. Pass-Along Story. Have your child create a multi-page illustrated storybook. Start with a title and cover page. Then pass the book along to another family member, who will write and illustrate the first page. Continue to pass the book around, giving each family member several chances to see what has been added and bring a new twist or turn to the plot. Our Favorite Recipes. Think about your family’s favorite foods. Have your child write a recipe book, illustrated with pictures that show how much of each ingredient is needed. Make photocopies to share with relatives.





52 Creative Ideas for 52 Weeks of Fun . . .


Color Nature Walk. Get exercise and strengthen your kids’ observation skills by enjoying a nature walk and looking for all the colors of the rainbow. While outdoors, collect twigs and leaves. Have your child use these natural items as paintbrushes when you return home and paint a collaborative mural. Urge your child to paint what was seen. Draw Funny Foods & Favorite Flavor Combos. Create a family favorite foods and funny flavor combinations poster on the refrigerator. Use a large piece of paper and outline shelves. Have your child add to those shelves everyone’s personal favorite entrée, dessert, and beverage—with a unique twist. Mix and match favorites, creating imaginative new combinations, like chocolate stew or fruit salad fizzes. Who knows what unique food flavors may be the next big hit? Sock Puppets. Gather worn-out or unmatched socks to make a family of sock puppets. Have your child use fabric markers to add facial expressions, hair, and outfits. Develop a puppet show that is based on a theme or improvisation. Every family member can play a part. Overcoming Obstacles. Have your child sketch an obstacle course that uses blankets, boxes, chairs, and other household items. Build the course according to plan. Practice moving through and around the objects. See problems? Modify the course as needed for fun play that is built on their creative ideas. Imagine Dinosaur Pets. What if your next pet was a dinosaur? How would it change your house? Yard? Neighborhood? Have your child draw a picture of your house, remodeled to accommodate this new pet. Time Traveler Arrives from Ancient Times. Have children pretend they have never seen an airplane before. Who are these people exiting from the belly of the huge “metal bird”? Ask children to draw where they think the people came from. What interesting stories can they imagine that might explain how this big vehicle flies through the air? Saturday Nights . . . BTV (Before Television). Yes, believe it our not there was a time when families did not sit in front of a television set or DVD player to be entertained. Ask your child to interview elderly friends or relatives who may remember these times. Have them draw what they envision as a fun...
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