Creative Employees Can Do Wonders

Topics: Creativity, Lateral thinking, Lateralization of brain function Pages: 9 (1796 words) Published: May 29, 2012
“Creative Employees Can Do Wonders”


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______________________________________________________________________________ Creativity can neither be stolen nor borrowed, It is an Individual’s very own property. When the Creator Lord Brahma created the human, he endowed him with a very worthy brain and intuition, by way of which humans are at the top of the Animal Brain tree. Necessity is indeed the mother of Invention. From that day when Fire was first made to this day when Humans are being cloned, there is this latent yearn (called creativity) which explodes and experiments. But there is another universal Truth that “Success Curbs Creativity”. In any work environment, this often causes monotony and lethargy in Employees. The onus of re-invoking and rekindling this spark in employee’s lies totally in the hands of Human resource Managers and Methods that they adopt. Organizations world over have chalked out various avenues to tap this creative streak of employees, which differ based on the Country, Culture and type of Industry. The creative traits are said to be resident in every human, but the responsibility of Nourishing, Cherishing, and Exploiting these traits rests on the shoulders of Managers and employees themselves. Vertical and Lateral thinking if understood well can be developed to yield higher creativity. Also Intrinsic motivation is important for creativity. In this context, Mr Yaping Gong in his article “Creative Employees need room to Create.” Says “If you simply pay people more money, perhaps your productivity will be higher but not necessarily creativity.” Creativity also happens to be one of the roots of the Organizational Tree which if taken care of will yield rich Fruit.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Left Brain versus Right Brain
3.0 Vertical & Lateral Thinking
4.0 Traits Of Creativity
5.0 Six Steps Of Creativity
6.0 Three Eyes Of Creative person
7.0 Advantages – In Industry
8.0 Avenues Of Creativity
9.0 Need for intrinsic motivation
10.0 Examples of creativity
11.0 Conclusion
12.0 Bibliography

1.0 Introduction :
a) Tale of A Bird and A Honey Bee
* Once a Bird asked a Bee:” You make the honey with so much effort, and People steal everything from you, Don’t You ever get Upset” * The Honey Bee replied “ No, I don’t because the people may steal all my Honey, But they can never steal the art of Honey Making from me.”

b) Tale of the Dog and the meal
* One day a hungry dog, was looking for food, Somewhere he did smell food, but there was a wall obstructing his approach. * He worked by his nose and moved around the wall, before reaching the Bowl of food. He ate and had his stomach fill. * Next day the same thing happened again, and he reached the food bowl by moving around the wall again. * On day 3 also the dog went to the food bowl by going around the wall yet again. * On day 4, there was no wall obstructing the path to the food bowl, still the dog took the circumventive route to reach the bowl. * This shows that once you succeed only the left brain functions actively, the right brain takes a back seat.

These short stories, reveal three vivid aspects of Creativity: a. No one can Steal Creativity.
b. One cannot share Creativity.
c. Success curbs Creativity

2.0 Left Brain Versus Right Brain
Left Brain:
( Vertical thinking / Arithmetic)
- Logical, Analytical & Mathematical tasks.
- Involving...
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