Creative Economy for the Better Future

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Creative Economy for The Better Future

Despite its status as developing country, Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world. The fact that Indonesia has enormous human resources leads to an idea that this country certainly has the potential of growing to developed country. In addition, Indonesia also possessed a great amount of natural resources. Unfortunately, as we can see today that Indonesia still hasn’t reached that point. It brings out the question of how Indonesia can maximize its decent potential. For many years, some believe that the answer is creative economy. Creative economy is a tool for Indonesia to maximize its potential through emphasizing its current resources with new ideas.

According to John Howkins, creative economy is a comprehensive analysis of the new economy, based on creative people, creative industries and creative cities. United Nation Conference on Trade and Development defines creative as an evolving concept based on creative assets potentially generating economic growth and development. Basically, creative economy is a new way of economic living that generates better quality of life based on creative movement, innovation and ecology friendly products and services. The main idea about creative economy is the creativity. It’s all about maximizing our individual potential to the stage anyone never reached before. Creative economy maximizes the potential of one thing, to create a something new.

Nowadays, we can see the implication of creative economy everywhere. The largest social-networking business, Facebook, is one of them. Facebook shows us how a university-project idea turns into a multi-million dollar business. Particularly, Mark Zuckenberg, one of the co-founder of Facebook is turning his idea into something that anyone never explores. It didn’t use much of physical or natural resources; furthermore, it maximizes the idea of creating a social-networking for university-level to worldwide where everyone around...
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