Creative Destruction of Jobs

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Creative Destruction of Jobs
Czech Author Karel Capek, the man who coined the term robot, an army of mechanical monsters that succeeded in taking over the world, in his 1921 play R.U.R. Today, real-life versions are starting to find places in factories and plants, which are taking over a number of our industries most monotonous jobs. Unlike the robots of the past, which are usually stationary and must be manned by production workers, these newer, smarter, industrial robots can be moved from job to job and programmed to perform task on their own. The United States has begun to move towards robotics to help with the complete the workload of many companies. Working robots are becoming a more affordable and logical source of production. The problem is that robots are replacing humans. While some people suggest that all robots should be banned from the work force, others are suggesting that they only be used as helpers. The problem is that with increased developments in technology, robots are getting smarter and more agile. They are replacing humans in jobs once thought safe from the mechanical arm. Robots are often employed to do repetitive and precision jobs. In some cases, the quality requirements are so stringent that the human hand cannot perform the job. On the factory floor robots are replacing assembly workers. For example, General Motor uses robots to lay beads of sealant on windshields because they have stated that humans cannot execute the job as precise. The precision of the robot and consistency of the work makes them a better candidate. Robotics are being used extensively in medical surgery to perform an ever growing list of operations. The use and precision of robots has proven that patients recover in less time and have fewer complications. No matter how skilled a surgeon is, there is always a high chance of an inappropriate incision. Surgical robots also serve as a camera allowing the surgeon to see what he or she is doing without opening up the...
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