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Topics: Hamlet, Patrick Stewart, Royal Shakespeare Company Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Name: Charmayne
Text: Hamlet (2009) directed by Gregory Doran, starring David Tennant Context:The following CCR is written in the form of a blog made ten years after the production of the movie Hamlet from the Royal Shakespeare Company. It is written from the perspective of Gregory Doran’s daughter who is eighteen years old and studies English Literature in school. She stumbled upon one of her father’s works one day, which is Hamlet. She shared this information with her lecturer and her lecturer asked her to make a review of the movie on the blog to encourage her friends to take up Shakespeare. The readers of her blog are others of her age range and most of her classmates so this is an efficient method to use. References

1.Thomas Spurlin, Hamlet (2009, Royal Shakespeare Company), 2.Joseph R., Zombie Parent's Guide Movie Review: Hamlet (2009), 3.Noel, DVD Review – “Hamlet” (2010),

Thursday, 26 December 2009
To be or not to be – hamlet directed by my father
I found an old movie my dad directed! It’s Hamlet from ten years ago. My dad’s a Shakespearean nut, so I’m pretty sure he enjoyed doing this. It very different from what you might expect a movie of a centuries-old Shakespearean play. My father interpreted it in a more recent setting.

The movie is made on a modern setting with glaring technology as evident by the use of guns and gadgets. There was use of different camera angles made by security cameras and camcorders which added drama and urgency. One scene that stood out with this method was when Hamlet tears down the camera saying, “Now I’m alone,” and I thought that was genius. Many congratulated my dad for being able to incorporate technology into an age old play and still manage to stay true to the originality of the play.[1]

My dad made the...
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