Creative Artist Should Always Be Given the Freedom to Express Their Own Ideas

Topics: Qin Shi Huang, Qing Dynasty, Art Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Creative artists work are an expression of their beliefs and ideas. Often, government take offence of these art forms and ban them from getting published. Many feel that it is violation of their right to express themselves; however others believe that it is necessary to retain social stability.

Often, writers and artists produce work that are criticizing the government policies or traditions of the country. Government fears these art forms may hurt the sentiments of the people and cause resentments. Some work forms are so erratic in their content that they have potential to spark a revolution in a society. In these cases, government intervention may be essential to maintain the stability in the social infrastructure of the country.

On other hand, blocking these content forms mean violation of their right to speech and expression. In a democratic society, every one has a right to express themselves even if it means showing their discontentment against the society norms. Often, these art forms are good reality check for the country and may arose a change that could be beneficial. Therefore, government should show some degree of tolerance to these art forms and address that are reasonably raised through them.

To recapitulate, expression of one’s belief should not be refrained. Allow the people of the society itself to decide whether they agree or disagree with the content. Therefore, government should exercise minimal control over the art forms as they could be a good reflection of the people’s belief..

The responsibility of an artist is to create artworks to cater for people’s needs for aesthesis and enjoyment. Some masterpieces by the world-renowned artists like Shakespeare, the greatest poet in British literature; Vinci, the most famous Italian painter, architect and sculptor impress people around the world deeply. From my point of view, the government should not give restrictions to artists. On the contrary, their creativity and innovation should be...
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