Creationism vs. Evolution: the Three Different View Points

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Creationism vs. Evolution: The Three Different View Points
Professor Cockrell/CWP 101
October 22, 2012
Karen Pieczynski

Creationism vs. Evolution: The Three Different Viewpoints
Scientific facts found in paleontology, biology, geology, and astronomy, pose strong evidence for Evolution making it seem like the only logical answer as to how life evolved. The ideas found in “The Book of Genesis” have made great controversy of whether Creationism is true, or if we should solely rely on the scientific facts of Evolution. In the history of science vs. religion there has been many issues on the debate of Evolution vs. Creationism. This debate happens because the majority of evidence is in favor of Evolution, but because Creationism is based on religious beliefs it is hard to prove it wrong. Although there are many different beliefs and ideas on human creation, it is narrowed down into three theories: Creation Theory, Naturalistic Evolution Theory, and Theistic Evolution Theory. All three sides create a dilemma for humans, religious and non-religious, as to which theory to support because of their many differences. Each theory is unique in providing its own evidence proving its validity, but lacks enough evidence to prove the other theories incorrect. The Creation Theory explains that a certain God created the humans, and Evolution does not exist. The Naturalistic Evolution Theory states that Evolution is driven by purely natural forces, and is not controlled by any input from a superior being. The Theistic Evolution Theory is a mixture of both Creation and Naturalistic Theories. The Theistic Evolution Theory states that God created the world and guides the evolution process (Robinson, 2011).

When trying to explain the concept of Evolution, most people become confused because it is hard for scientists to communicate to the general public and also because there is confusion between scientists themselves. More people vaguely believe in the Naturalistic Evolution Theory, not because they know every answer to how humans have evolved, but simply because they are taught that there are more facts that have not been disproven. While evolution is a fact, it is also a theory, and facts and theories are two different things. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret the facts. For example, it is a fact that humans have evolved from ape-like ancestors, but whether they did so by Darwin’s theory or by some other theory yet to be discovered, so it is still a theory. In 1993, Laurence Moran wrote “Darwin emphasized the difference between his two great and separate accomplishments: establishing the fact of evolution, and proposing a theory--natural selection--to explain the mechanism of evolution”. Even more, “Einstein’s theory of gravity was replaced by Newton’s theory of ‘what goes up must come down’ making it a fact that gravity pulls masses towards the earth’s center”, though it is still a theory as to how the laws of gravity came into effect. As a result of the massive amounts of evidence for Evolution found in history, we can conclude that evolution has occurred and continues to occur, but it is still a theory as to how the very first life forms came to live on earth.

The Creation Theory is the most unwelcoming method to understanding human creation because it is all set upon faith; many people have to “see it to believe it”, but there are still strong holders of faith who believe that “humans, as well as the rest of the natural world, were created by one or more supernatural beings or gods” ("Clarifying christianity," 2001). Creationism literally means looking at the Bible as the guide to the creation of the universe and to the history of all life. This meaning that, the physical universe (space, time, matter, energy, galaxies, planets, etc.), the formation of a stable water cycle, the production of plants, the atmosphere (Sun, Moon, and stars), production of sea animals and sea mammals, creation of...
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