Creation of Awareness of Primary School Students Towards Hiv/Aids

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THIS DATA SHOWS THE VARIATION OF HIV/AIDS IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN COUNTRIES: Number infected 22.5 mil Percentage of infected who are woman 61%

Adult's prevalence rate 5.0 Adults and children newly infected 1.7 mil Adults and children deaths due to aids 2006 1.6 mil (72% of global aids deaths) Access to ARVs 28% Main mode of transmission Heterosexual (SOURCE: UNAIDS, 2007). In Tanzania which is one of the Sub- Saharan Countries had HIV/aids epidemic like other countries, recent reports from ministry of health indicated that since the 3 cases were reported in 1983 in KAGERA region a total 118,713 cases has been reported from the health facilities in the country by 1999. It is however estimated that cumulatively about 600,000 people have developed HIV/aids and about 2 million people have been infected with HIV/aids virus. The report show that 70.5% of now HIV infected is in the age of 15-24 age groups, about 72,000 new babies born were infected with this pandemic in 1999, it is estimated that there are over 600,000 orphans due to this deadly disease (TACAIDS, 2007). According to the current data about HIV/aids from TACAIDS indicators survey, the national prevalence among the secular active population is reported to be 7.0% the data shows more women 7.7% are infected than men 6.3% and estimated number living with HIV/aids is 1.3 million (TACAIDS, 2007). In Tanzania the young (15-24) are more affected by HIV/aids simply because they start sexual activity while they are in primary school and they get Aids information inaccurately, youth engage in sexual activity because of peer pressure to the boys, and girls is because of temptation of having good things and some being molested by old men who have money (GUIDELINES FOR AIDS COUNCILLORS IN TANZANIA, 1993). HIV infections is mainly through heterosexual, hence is a social, economic and cultural problems which touches on private life style individuals. Therefore the risk of HIV infections is highest among young people, girls, and women in our cultural environment because they don't have control over sexuality. Poverty increase the vulnerability of HIV infections as some women engage in high risk behavior for survival. (TACAIDS, 2007).

1.1 The statement of the problem
HIV/aids is the most dangerous disease which affect globally, nationally so the question to deal with it is possible. In Tanzania the question of HIV is the biggest problem in men, women, boys and girls. Thus it affects our country economically, politically, socially and culturally, so we need to combat in order to eradicate it. So the primary purpose of this research is to find out the attitudes and awareness of primary school students towards HIV/AIDS at NYAMAGANA District. Nowadays this pandemic disease also affects the primary school students. In order to deal with it we first have to know how the students themselves understands the concepts of HIV/AIDS, so by using both qualitative and quantitative research methods the researcher was interested to find out the attitudes and awareness of primary school students towards HIV/AIDS at NYAMAGANA District in MWANZA City.

1.2 Research Objective

1.2.1 Main Objective
The main objective of this research is to investigate the attitudes and awareness of primary school students towards HIV/AIDS pandemic

1.2.2 Specific Objectives
i) The researcher intends to examine how primary school students know about HIV/aids. ii) To understand the causes and condition which make students to be affected by HIV/AIDS. iii) To recommend ways/strategies for combating early sex and Aids transmission among primary school students.

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