Creation Essay

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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The Creation

Emptiness was the very beginning of all our kind. Darkness entirely replaced the life we breathe everyday. There was once nothing, no humans, no animals, no plants, nothing was seen but a black starless sky. The only thing that was present was Bevor the ruler of all life and things that were soon to exist. This man was a lonely depressed soul who grieved for the existence of life. One day this man grew sick of the feeling of sadness. He could not sit in this world alone for much longer. He raged and screamed and overheated the world. From this aggravation the world arose. Unknowingly Bevor had just created what is now the life we live and see, within only one short day.

The heat quickly spread and greatened until the world was so hot that huge particles started to form. When Bevor calmed down the movement of the particles stopped and created not one but millions of universes as well as the one we live in today. Bevor had been overwhelmed with what he had created and begun to feel happiness of his accomplishment. This happiness brought light and the twinkle of each star in the skies of each universe. Within minutes the stars changed and exploded due to extreme temperatures and new ones formed with also the creation of nebulae, galaxies, and billions of star clusters. Planets came seconds after stars appearing because of Bevor’s gratefulness and confidence that had finally came to him.

After the creation of planets life within them stared to arise. Bevor gently touched the first planet that he had made. Suddenly the soils on his hands that had touched the planet grew tiny green grass. Then flowers and plants sprouted and trees formed and quickly rose into the sky. From the small flowers he grew sprouted the seeds of life. Carefully Bevor tossed these seeds some from different kinds of flowers all over the planet. Animals and Humans soon became to exist. Different flowers made different things, and there were billions of types of flowers that...
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