Creation and Presentation of a Song

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Creation and Presentation of a Song

Since the beginning of modern human existence, songwriting has been an art. All cultures around the world are known to have music history and songwriting abilities. Music is one of the best ways to show emotion. When we hear certain songs, they can stir various emotions within us as listeners. Creating a great song requires many aspects and can be an emotional and exhausting process for the writer. The presentation of a newly written song can be just as exhausting. This paper will introduce the process of songwriting and how to effectively write a song to convey emotion that an audience can relate to. It will also talk about the process a song goes through from the time it is written until it’s heard on the radio. Process

Songwriting proves challenging even for the most seasoned entertainer or songwriter. Few people realize just how much work goes into their favorite song that they like to listen to. The first step to writing a song is to pick a story or message that an audience can relate to. Many songwriters choose to write about their own feelings and personal experiences. It’s important to choose creative words that flow well together and describe every aspect of the story or message. Being in a quiet spot where a songwriter’s thoughts are free from interruption is also imperative.

Next, as strange as it sounds to some, everybody has a certain time of day when creativity peaks. This is the best time for a songwriter to be as productive as possible on a song. Writing a rough draft is the best way to start organizing thoughts for any writing piece. It’s important to freestyle write any thoughts or ideas down in the rough draft and not think too much about it. It all comes together in the final piece and some of the best expressive words come out during a brainstorming session for a rough draft. To get the best work for a song, it’s crucial for the songwriter to put heart into their writing.

Lastly, songwriters...
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