Creating a Social Program

Topics: Adolescence, Drug addiction, Pregnancy Pages: 6 (1878 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Creating a Social Program

Ricardo Hernandez

Creating a Social Program
The program that I decided to create is a community outreach program for adolescent girls who are dealing with an addiction, pregnancy, or homeless; which will be named Whitney’s Transitional Center for Adolescent Teens. Here at Whitney’s, we believe that anyone can achieve their desired goals, hopes and dreams with the assistance from a strong supportive system. The focus of Whitney’s Transitional Center for Teens, is create loving, safe and supportive environment were adolescent girls can receive immediate assistance, short term emergency shelter and he resources needed for a permanent foundation. These girls have to endure the demands and pressure of parent-hood, adolescence, addictions and homeless. Especially if they have aged out of the option of being in foster care, the possibility of finding a stabled home will be a challenge. If the teen choose to be in an intimate relationship/many will stand the chance of repeating with multiple births. Because of all the stress of a newly family, many of the relationship will not last. Here at Whitney’s Transitional Center for Teens, we believe that by establishing our program we will decrease the number of teens living on the streets Whitney’s House will seek to provide a support place for teens regardless of what they are facing. Services will range from helping with parenting skills, job placement, and child bearing. This is a very emotional time for those pregnant, according to the webpage because teen moms face premature births, low birth weights and learning disabilities. Our aim is to provide educational support while increasing their self-esteem to lay the path to promote higher educational and vocational learning. Many teens are not able to remain at home with their parents, either for reasons of overcrowding in the home, abuse, neglect, financial difficulties, or the unwillingness to follow the house rules. The timeline we decided on for the beginning of this program is 6 months upon approval of proposal. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reported that a total of 329,797 babies were born to young women aged 15-19. This was a reported record low for U.S. teens in this age group, falling to 31.3 per 1,000 teen females. This is the greatest decline for Hispanic teens, with a drop of 11% from 2010. There has being several contributing to teen moms listed below: * Teen moms will face greater family instability, and lower incomes. * They provide less emotional support to their children within the home environment. * Teen moms are more than likely to find parenting stressful, to display dysfunctional child bearing practices that have the possibilities of leading to neglect or malnutrition. * Children of teen moms have lower math, reading, and vocabulary test scores that those with older moms. * Teen moms are less likely to finish high, or to continue with a higher education. * The CDC reported that teen moms are more than likely to endure more health problems. This is obviously a cause for concern for all; involved. It is important to acknowledge that a strong supports and services can help to intercept the negative outcomes related with teen moms/adolescence additive to drugs. At the end of the day teen moms want to provide, and to be the good parents; they just need the necessary support systems and tools. Youth residing in the foster care system are at a higher risk of engaging in risky sexual behavior, to include earlier sexual contact/with various partners, and an earlier age of first pregnancy/ and to be introduced to risky illegal drug use outside the foster care system. It should be noted that living in foster care or being homeless is not necessarily by itself an implication for these risky behaviors. The majority of these teens that are housed in the foster care system or become homeless because of abuse, neglect, or...
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