Creating a Sense of Belonging

Topics: Culture, A Great Way to Care, Respect Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Unit 5: Creating a Sense of Community
P. Alexis Williams
GM 503

Professor George Sparks
October 9, 2012

All over the world, in every organization, people want to feel involved and know that they are an intricate part of the company that they work for. People want to feel that they are contributing to the greater good of their organization—this is what we call community. “A community atmosphere helps foster motivation in the workplace (Koch, 1999).” One way that employers do this is by creating a sense of community. Some companies host elaborate banquets and send invites in advance and others meet in a conference room huddled around a table to celebrate the successes of each other. The best leaders know that every gathering is a chance to renew commitment (Kouzes and Posner, 311). However it is done, it is important that a company and its’ leaders provide this sense of community so that the employees can come together and share in the successes of others to get encourage involvement. Kouzes and Posner gave suggestions that employers could incorporate in their everyday practices to celebrate accomplishments and offer praise and recognition to employees. It is important to give private praise, but also it is important to celebrate successes publically. Public praise adds worth to the individual and showcases role models within the organization that others can look to. Public ceremonies serve as a collective reminder of why people are there, of the values and visions they share (Kouzes and Posner, 314). Another way that we as leaders can show our appreciation is to calendar an event for special achievements such as key milestones, anniversaries, promotions, rolling out contests, or recognizing a loss to help people let go and move on (Kouzes and Posner , 315). It is important to remember that ceremonies and celebrations are all opportunities to build a better organization and support healthy relationships at work. “Coworkers...
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