Creating a Positive Classroom Environment

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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Classroom Community
Upon completion of my graduate studies in education I hope to soon begin my career teaching English studies to young adults and a Christian University. In my class, I hope to show my student the importance of reading and writing. I want them to understand the importance of critical thinking and how it can help them become more aware of their inner selves. I believe we should be just as friendly to the Earth as it is to us so I hope to implement my feelings about the environment in each class I instruct. When I enrolled in my first online class, I found it quite difficult adjusting from face-to-face verbal communication with my instructor to a more technologically based means of communication. Though I had online discussion and contact with me teachers and fellow classmates, I still felt somewhat disconnected from the course which in turn hindered some of my learning capabilities. Creating a sense of community and acceptance will be a top priority in my class just as much as learning the required material. Building positive connections with my students is one way to help foster a sense of community in my classroom. I will treat my student like the college student they are. I will implement on a certain day out of the week in which my student can me for lunch or breakfast to discuss class-related topics. My office door will always be open encouraging my student to drop by with any question on designated times. I will make my self seen on campus at student events and activities to show them that I support the various aspects of

their lives. My students will be able to reach me via face-to-face meetings, emails, my home and cell, as well as discussion boards. Building trust between students and teacher as well as students and other student will also help create a positive classroom community. One way I will build trust with my students getting to know them and learning each student correctly...
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