Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
Samantha Warren
Organizational Leadership
January 28, 2013
Patricia Nelson

The purpose of this essay is to discuss a plan for positive influence. The goal is to increase the team’s motivation, satisfaction and performance. In doing so, the essay will address specific differences in attitudes, emotions and personalities. As well as discussing the values among the people that is a part of the collaboration. Along with addressing how each difference influences behavior. Thus, everything together will demonstrate how the differences will be effectively addressed in the plan to positively influence the team.

In the discussion the four DISC Platinum Rule primary behavioral styles will the method use to evaluate teams. The four DISC Platinum Rule primary behavioral styles are the personalities use for this team. The four DISC Platinum Rule primary behavioral styles are the dominance style, the interactive style, the steadiness style and the cautious style. Dominance style is concerned with the outcome. This style likes to be in charge. Their strengths are solving problems, completing task, and achieving goals. The style is irritated with delays or outdated thinking. The interactive style is a communicator. They are outgoing individual that are charming and optimistic. This style has a genuine passion for people. This style is considered trusting and enjoys showing their best off. The steadiness style is great in a team. They are invested heavily in relationships. This style like security and avoids changes if possible. This style also avoids conflict and risks. Cautious style is an individual that values quality and being accurate. This style will research information for the purpose of being correct and making a decision.

When dealing with these for styles of individuals it is important to understand what motivates them in a group. In the book motivation...
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